You might be asking,
"Who's Bailey?"

And "why does he have such an amazing looking lodge?!"
To which I would respond,

"I'm glad you asked!"

When I first met and fell in love with his older sister, Kelsey, he asked me as soon as we met, if I was his brother-in-law! Kelsey and I did go on to get married, but that day, he instantly welcomed me as a friend, and as time would go on, our friendship effortlessly became something that I cherished. I quickly came to love every moment I got to spend with him. His love for God was inspiring, his heart for people and his acceptance of everyone, taking on the cares of the world ahead of his own, was something that really truly characterized his personality.

Tragically, we lost Bailey when he took his life in the Fall of 2018 and his parents, Gene and Brenda Hoyer, decided that to honor his memory, a space would be created in which we could connect with young people and offer hope for those walking through their own dark night of the soul. Our goal now, as the dream of 'Bailey's Lodge' continues to grow and expand, is to create programs that act as connection points with youth, aim to build relationships, bring hope, and see lives changed for the Kingdom.

Life is meant to be walked out in community.
Especially now, with youth anxiety and depression rates higher than ever before, it's so important to reach out and connect with them. Would you consider partnering with us as we do that?

The need is great but our God is greater!

Justin Schultz,
Executive Director

For our most recent video update:

(Summer 2023 Update Video)

From Our Friends

Bailey's Lodge means so much to our family, as did Bailey himself. It has been an honor to get to know the whole family.
This is a place [Haven] where all teens can feel welcome and have a great atmosphere to hang out, with a Christian feeling from those who supervise.
It is also an honor to have one of my son's paintings hanging on the wall in memory of Bailey as he [Bailey] was a good friend to him. 

-Lynda Gomez

What is Bailey's Lodge?


Bailey's Lodge is all about relationships: inviting our youth into deeper community, to build friendships, and to be known and know others.  You're going to see a lot of people at our programs who don't have it all together, people who are normal, and probably just a bit 'messy'. A Bailey's Lodge program invites young people to be themselves, whoever, and as unique as, they are.

What does Bailey's Lodge Do?


Today's youth are just like every generation before them: Unique! Knowing this, we aim to create programs just as unique to welcome young people, engage with them, and help them be known.


Life is just better with deep friendships, and walking out the everyday with people you care about is important. We all need people to pour into us and help us grow and develop, so helping young people grow healthy relationships, build resiliency, serve one another, and have a clear purpose in life are just some of the outcomes we aim for. 


As a Christian faith based organization, we realize that so many people have objections and questions about who Christians are and what we stand for. At our programs we have a short event we call Coach's Corner where youth have the opportunity to direct the conversation, ask questions, and share their perspectives on the topic at hand. 


Being a disciple, modeling a life long relationship with Christ as well as living from our identity as sons and daughters in God's family is a priority. Coming along side young people on the Christian journey, whether new believers or long time adherents, we strive to encourage, build up faith, and walk side by side on the journey we call life. 

Wondering how to get involved?

We need all kinds of partners!

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Please consider walking with us!